Japanese Culture Experience Days (Aug 2019)

Join us for an immersive experience in Matsumoto City! This year, there are 12 chances to try a wide range of different cultural activities. See more about the event days here

Free Wi-Fi Now Available Along Nakamachi Street (Apr 2019)

Requiring no registration, Nakamachi’s free Wi-Fi gives you unlimited access from 6:00 to 12:00 midnight. (Service may be unavailable in certain areas. Not for gaming.) SSID: nakamachistreet

Updated English Map and Outdoor Area Guide Map (Mar 2019)

View and download the updated version of Nakamachi’s guide map, which now includes five additional shops. You’ll also find a large-scale wall map for easy viewing in front of the Nakamachi Shopping Street Promotion Association Office located about halfway down the street.

Sticker Campaign (Oct 2018)

A new service has started from October 22th! Grab some cool stickers when you go to Nakamachi Street after visiting Matsumoto Castle (hold on to your admission ticket stub)! You can get the first sticker by simply showing your ticket stub at Kurassic-kan or at the Nakamachi Shopping Street Association Office. You can get the other versions when you purchase/use a service or get a bite to eat and show your ticket stub at participating shops.
The campaign will last until stickers run out. See more information on this flyer:
and List of places where you can get these stickers.

About Nakamachi

Kurassic-kan front view

During the Edo period (1603-1867) in Japan, Nakamachi Street was located in the center part of the castle town of Matsumoto City thus denoting its name: “Naka” – meaning in or center, and “machi” – meaning town. It was located on the old Zenkoji Kaido, a route connecting Zenkoji Temple to Nagoya and Kyoto and prospered as the main business district where wholesale dealers sold their goods (mainly sake brewers and kimono merchants). Many of the historical buildings found in Nakamachi used to function as storehouses. These buildings are called kura or dozo and some are more than a 100 years old. (See the section on “Kura” for more details).

Nakamachi Street

Presently, Nakamachi has a variety of shops including folk art shops, craft shops and restaurants, and cafes, as well as the Kurassic-kan, which was once a sake brewery building, and the Scale Museum which is housed in a former scale shop. Many of the restaurants allow you to try more local fare.

 Visiting Nakamachi

While you will find that many shops are open into the early evening, please note that a number of shops are closed on Wednesdays. The street runs parallel to Nawate Street, which has the large frog statue at the entrance.

Guide Map

Download the Nakamachi Guide Map
Download(PDF 8.5 MB)



The Kurassic-kan buildings were part of a nearby sake brewery built in 1888 and 1923. The buildings were renovated and relocated to their current location. The main building is often used for exhibition and cultural events, while another has a small tearoom and cafe inside. Kurassic-kan is free to walk around in, and inside you can see its impressive wooden structural beams, tatami rooms and small Japanese garden.

  • Hours: 9:30 – 17:00
  • Closed Dec. 29 – Jan. 3
Kurassic-kan Cafe

Tea and Japanese sweets set at the Kurassic-kan Cafe

Enjoy fresh ground, house-roasted coffee, Japanese desserts, and tea while you gaze upon the Kurassic-kan’s tranquil Japanese garden.

  • Hours: 10:00 – 17:00
  • Winter Hours: Nov. to Mar. 10:30 – 16:00

English website

The Matsumoto Scale Museum

Scale Museum

The museum is housed in a former scale shop which originally opened in 1902 and has all sorts of weights and scales, including silkworm sorting scales, on display. You can also walk through the museum’s well-preserved kura-style buildings and the beautiful wooden storehouse/residence.

  • Hours: 9:30 – 17:00
  • Closed on Mondays and Dec. 29 – 31
  • Admission: ¥200 (free for elementary and junior high students)

Shinmeigu Shrine

Shinmei Shrine

This small, homely shrine is tucked away on a narrow side street toward the eastern end of Nakamachi. When a big fire broke out in and around Nakamachi, this shrine was believed to have stopped the flames from going beyond it, thus the shrine is considered to house the guardian deity of Nakamachi.

Nawate Street

Located across the river from Nakamachi, Nawate Street is a car-free zone lined with small eateries and quirky shops where you can buy trinkets and Japanese-style snacks. The street retains its Edo-style atmosphere and is popular with tourists. You will also find Yohashira Shrine along this street. While many of these shops are also closed on Wednesdays, the atmosphere of the old buildings and shrine makes it worth walking down.

Shop List


Closed: Mon & irregularly

Offering handmade soba using 100% local buckwheat for lunch, this shop boasts local sake, rice from the terraced fields of Obasute cooked in a clay pot, along with variety of seasonal dishes in the evening.

Fujimori Hospital

Founded in 1889, this hospital has long served the local community. Their new building was built in 2009.


Closed: Mon

Enjoy local dishes made with fresh, seasonal vegetables and a great selection of sake.


Closed: Open Sun & holidays from 13:30. For other days, RSVP 5 days ahead.

Relax while sipping tea and listening to nostalgic Japanese songs and live shamisen performances in this quiet gallery. You can also try playing the shamisen yourself! Geiyukan is listed in the Michelin Guide.


Closed: Open weekends & nat. holidays

Enjoy freshly prepared mitarashi dango (skewered rice cake balls glazed with sweet soy sauce) and goheimochi (grilled rice cakes on a skewer). This shop also sells bedding.

Grain Note

Closed: Wed

This shop exhibits and sells original furniture made by the owner, and woodwork and ceramics from local artists.

Gunjo / Salon as Salon

Closed: Mon (open if a national holiday, and closed on the following day)

You will find a hairdresser on the 1st floor (booking required) and a café on the 2nd floor where you can enjoy popular items such as the sandwiches (from ¥620) and homemade cakes (from ¥400). The entrance is shared.

Haru Natsu Aki Fuyu

Closed: Mon. (open if a national holiday)

They offer a wide variety of special pudding made with carefully selected Nagano ingredients. Coffee is also available.

HARU Shoe Studio

Closed: Wed, 2nd Thu & 3rd Sun of the month

Handbags and comfortable, Italian- and French-made shoes for men, women, and babies. A selection of Japanese-made shoes and socks, which make great souvenirs, is also available! Also offers shoe repair service.


Closed: Wed & Sun

Enjoy dining while listening to live piano music at this adult-oriented dinner bar, which makes a great hide-away where you can relax with the music at the end of the day.

Free Rental Cycle

Rental bicycles at Suisui Town

Free bicycle rental is available at Sui Sui Town in the Nakamachi “Kuranoaru” Parking Lot near Kurassic-kan (see the location on the map). Rental hours from 9:00 to 20:00.

Events & Festivals

Ameichi (Candy Festival): Nakamachi's portable shrines go around the streets of Matsumoto. Held on a weekend in early or mid-Jan.

Tenjin Festival: Fukashi Shrine's lively annual festival where traditional wooden floats, including those from Nakamachi, parade through the streets. July 24th and 25th.

Matsumoto Bon Bon: Tens of thousands of people dance on the streets of Matsumoto. The first Sat. of Aug.

Shimin (Citizens’) Festival: A colorful festival with a samurai procession, vehicle free streets, and plenty of street stalls. Nov 3rd. We also held "Japanese Culture Experience Day" in 2018.

Farmers Market

Farmers from around Matsumoto bring seasonal vegetables, flowers, fruit and fruit juice, edible wild plants, and mushrooms to this morning market. It is very popular as the produce is both fresh and inexpensive and the farmers give the market-goers tips on cooking and pickling.

Morning Farmers Market
Morning Market
  • Every Sat. from Apr. to Dec. 9:30 until sold out.
  • Location: Nakamachi “Kuranoaru" Parking Lot
Evening Market
  • Every Wed. from May to Dec 15:00 - 16:30
  • Location: Square in front of Kurassic-kan

Special Terms

Kura-style storehouses in Nakamachi

In 1888, most of Nakamachi burnt down in a big fire. In response, many fire-resistant kura buildings were built to protect the town from fire, which employed a traditional fireproofing method that involved creating very thick walls, anywhere from 20 to 30 centimeters. The walls were treated with a number of layers of mud on the inside, but beautifully designed with a white, mortar grid pattern on black tiles known as namako kabe. While most buildings were used as storehouses, some were occasionally used for residences as well. Even today, many such buildings remain around the Nakamachi area.

Hand-pump well at Kurassic-kan

Matsumoto has an abundant supply of natural ground water and several old wells can still be found in the city. There are a few wells in Nakamachi and the surrounding neighborhoods including the hand-pump well at Kurassic-kan. The water is safe for drinking. You can check the locations on the guide map, available to download below!


A traditional, Japanese-style bar that serves a variety of food.


This is a small side dish served to all customers at izakaya-style pubs/bars before ordered items are served. It is most often charged for and is a common Japanese practice that functions as a kind of cover charge. It can create trouble for foreigners who don't understand why they have been charged for what they haven't specifically ordered. However, do note, although they may not appeal to everyone’s tastes, even if declined, the charge will still be required as a part of Japanese pub culture.


Buckwheat noodles, famous in Nagano. They can be served as hot noodles, with trimmings such as tempura or edible wild plants, or served chilled on a basket as “Zaru Soba.”


Literally translating to "bandit chicken," sanzokuyaki is a local dish with marinated, chunky, deep-fried chicken.

Getting to Nakamachi

Access Map to Matsumoto

Guide Map

Download the Nakamachi Guide Map
Download(PDF 7MB)


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